I am here at University of Ulster – Coleraine campus, surviving off of the last embers of caffiene, with chicago -6 hours and no sleep the prior night.

EuroCALL is the European Computer Assisted Language Learning association, and it’s been nice to meet european colleagues who are interested in the convergence of technology and language learning. Friday I’ll make some sort of presentation about the laptop, and offer a friendly invitation for people to get involved.

It was interesting coming into Northern Ireland by way of Belfast International airport. One of the first things I noticed while waiting for a taxi is how inexpensive it is to fly to spain (ex: below it’s 15 pounds, and even with the exchange rate, that’s only about $30 USD!)

And then I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of real live ship captains, Ian and David, who had just come in from England and were bound to go on a sailing training adventure, with Tall Ships. ( It made me want to go off and join the Navy!


It was about an hour train ride from Belfast into Ulster; I’m glad I rode the train instead of taking the bus; it was a nice way to see the rolling green countryside


And I don’t have any particularly exciting pictures of the Coleraine campus, except it has an interesting architectural style.


And I suppose my bias towards gardening and green growing things comes through, as this is the last picture of the day, a vine making itself known through the concrete window.


And lest I be completely irresponsible and not mentioning anything useful about language learning, here is a link to the conference itself:


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